One of the Few Moments I.

site-specific light installation (metal house, incandescent lamp, cables, steel wire, transformer)
Museum Kiscell − Municipal, Picture Gallery, Roman church space Budapest

In the vast space of the former Trinitarian church, now an exhibition space, a hollow model of the same space is hung,
which thanks to the powerful light bulb inside, is also the central source of light. The light structure that is projected from
inside the model-lamp through the perforations along its edges, windows, pilasters and arches, is amplified to a gigantic size
and follows the architectural structure of the interior. The subtle “slips” between the real brick and the virtual light architecture
that the air currents produce, the vision that includes a “ghost image”, the tilting “deck” of the nave: these all make our sense
of time and space uncertain, and initiate the flow of memories that are similarly sensual but difficult to grasp.
(The other elements of the Kiscelli installation, which are related, and which complement each other’s effects, are Gate;
Like at Home, A; Bookshelf; A New Refutation of Time.)